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Fleas are a pesky nuisance for both cats and their owners! A flea bite can irritate your kitty, plus these nuisances can even bite your legs and feet as you walk throughout the house. It’s no wonder that learning how to tell if your cats have fleas is an important part of being a cat parent. 
As a new cat owner, you might be wondering how often should I change cat litter. You don't want to be wasteful and change it too often, but you don't want to leave it too long and be left with an unsavory reminder or an unhealthy environment for your cat.

Pet parents ask us this question all the time: what is the best cat food to feed my fur baby?

And we get it. You do so much to care for your little one and balanced cat diets are one of the biggest factors of all that affects your cat's health.

If you think that polydipsia might translate to "multiple dips" you’d be pretty much correct – as in multiple dips from the water dish. This dipsy sounding word refers to constant or excessive drinking as a result of thirst, which may indicate an underlying health condition.
Despite our best efforts to always find our fur babies cute and adorable, it can be pretty disgusting when Kitty retches up a hairball – especially if you step on that nasty ball of fur and stomach contents in the middle of the night! But as a pet parent, you know occasional hairballs are just part of having a magnificent feline in your life. But what if Kitty is hawking them up daily? Is that normal? Or is it a sign that Fluffy needs to visit the vet? Here's what you need to know about hairballs and how you can help Kitty to live a healthier, hairball-free life.
Here are a few things you should know about essential oils, including a list of harmful household scents you need to watch out for. To help you keep your home smelling not like a litter box, we've also put together a list of non-toxic alternatives you can use in order to keep your little feline safe while you freshen up your home.
If you can hardly wait until Halloween is over to get out your Christmas home decor, you aren't alone. But did you know everything from your tree to snow globes can be hazardous to your curious kitty? So how can your Christmas tree be dangerous to your kitty cat? What about other decorations? How can you keep your fur baby safe and still have a beautifully decorated house?
When you first learn that high blood pressure in cats is indeed a thing, your imagination may lead you to think of your beloved cat sitting in a vet's waiting room with that dreaded velcro cuff strapped around his hind leg. Truth be told, your imagination isn't that far off. High blood pressure in cats is relatively common among older cats, but with proper screening, it can be easily detected and treated.
It's sad to picture your adorable kitten becoming an old, gray-haired cat one day but as a cat parent, you know the day will come. As our beloved fur-babies get older, their risks of getting an age-related disease or health condition heighten. Cat dementia (also known as feline cognitive dysfunction) is a disease to look out for as your fur-baby gets older.
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Cats can be even more unpredictable than humans in some ways, including what they will and won't eat. But even though some felines are more finicky than others about their dietary choices, they all share some basic nutritional needs – and some need specific adjustments to their diets to help them cope with health challenges. 

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