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Read on to learn how long to play with your cat based on age, energy level, and more. Discover the ins and outs of playtime for cats today.
Have you ever walked in on your cats rolling in the litter box? Good news: You’re not alone. Cat parents all around the world have caught themselves wondering, “Why do cats roll in litter?” For many parents, that question remains unanswered.
Remember how fun it was to spook your friends or siblings as a kid and call them "scared-y cats?" As entertaining as that was - or still is - an actual anxious cat is no laughing matter. Helping your cat deal with stress is essential to his well-being. There are many natural ways - such as cat calming spray - to treat your fur baby's anxiety.
If you have a companion cat, then you have most likely felt them knead you. Well sure, your cat needs you, but we are talking about that pawing they do on your chest, stomach, legs - or whatever area suits them.
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Russian Blue Cats are a hypoallergenic and unique cat breed. Read on to learn more their history, personalities, and features. 

  • 3 min read

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