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Try These Solutions to Common Cat Problems Affecting Your Kitty

Your cat is no doubt the perfect pet in your eyes, but there are certain things you need to deal with as a cat owner that may not be so perfect. From your cat scratching up your belongings to needing toclean a smellylitter box, there are somecommon cat problems that are just part of being a cat owner.

Problem: Your Cat Loves to Scratch Your Belongings

Scratching is one of the most frustrating things cats do. Whether the target is your plush couch or favorite wooly scarf, many of us have had to either put up with using scratched belongings or replace them. Needless to say, these aren’t great solutions at all. Using scratched belongings doesn’t look so nice,and it’s not financially viable to constantly be replacing them. And that’s not to mention the consequences if the target of your cat’s scratching is you! 

Solution: Use Nail Caps 

It’s in a cat’s nature to scratch, so the solution is not trying to put an end to this instinctualcatbehavior. Instead, you can minimize the harm done by scratching. Perhaps the most popular solution cat owners use is to give their cats a scratching post. While this will help divert a lot of the scratching, it won’t necessarily stop them from scratching you or your belongings. 

That’s why you may wish to consider putting nail caps on your cat. These caps work by being placed directly over your cat’s nails with cat-safe glue. They are a more humane alternative to declawing, and can even look snazzy, too. You’ll see there are tons of designs to choose fromincluding sparkling glitter to fluorescent colors.  

Problem: Your Cat’s Litter is a Pain to Deal With 

Dealing with your cat’s business isn’t the nicest part of being a cat owner. After all, nobody enjoys cleaning out theircat’s litterbox! It can be smelly and time-consuming. Not only do you need to clean it out often, but also you need to add new litter to maintain the litter level. And then there’s the cost and trouble of getting the litter in the first place. Going to the store, lugging a heavy bag into your car and then into your house can be a real pain. It’s also not very friendly on your wallet, especially if thecat litter you’re using needs to be constantly refilled.

Solution: Upgrade Your Cat Litter

Upgrading your cat litter will substantially improve your cat litter woes. If you’re after a high-quality one, try PrettyLitter, the world’s smartest cat litter subscription. You’ll quickly see why it’s worth using when you discover that it makes dealing with cat litter completely hassle-free. For starters, the revolutionary formula means that a single bag, per cat, will typically last the entire month.

What’s more, you’ll be delivered the right amount you need per cat every month straight to your door, in turn, saving you significant time and energy. U.S. customers will even be able to enjoy free shipping! Last but not least, PrettyLitter will give you a head’s up when your feline is facing a potential health issue, such as aurinary tract infection. It does this by changing color; green and blue indicates an alkaline issue, yellow and orange indicates acidity, and red indicates blood issues.   

Problem: Your Cat Isn’t Active Enough

Cats indeed love to laze about, but it’s important that they are getting enough physical exercise to maintain tip-top health. Expert opinion is divided about how much daily exercise cats need, but most suggest around 10 to 30 minutes. Ensuring your cat gets enough exercise is important for a number of reasons. It will help curb boredom, depression, and a host of othercommon cat health problems

Solution: Use Toys toKeep Them Moving 

So how do you get a cat whose favorite thing is tobe lazy to become more active? The solution is simple: make it enjoyable! “Cats love to play, although their equally strong desire to laze about can sometimes take over,” says Angela Stringfellow from Cat Life Today. “To encourage their enthusiasm for play, treat them to some fun toys to get their mind ticking and body moving.”

There are so many toys that will do the job. Interactive toys are a good bet, as these will test your cat’s mental and physical agility. Even the simplest toys, such as a woolen ball or feather, will help to get them moving. Plus, it’s yet another excuse to spend quality time with your beloved cat, all the while helping their mental and physical health. 


Author Bio

Rebecca Desfosse is a frequent contributor to Pet Life Today. She’s a freelance writer who has been writing about pets and pet care topics since 2011. She has contributed to publications such as PetMD, Petcentric, and more. Rebecca, her husband, and two boys live at the beautiful Jersey Shore. They are the pet parents and best pals to two Shiba Inu dogs and two rambunctious cats. She is passionate about sharing creative and unique ways pet parents can enrich the lives of their pets.

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