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5 Home Remedies for Cat Vomiting

Have you ever noticed your cat coughing up what you thoughtwould be a hairball, and instead it’s a little wet surprisecat vomit on your favorite rug? And then they look at you with those big eyes like, “well, what are you gonna do about this?” Or maybe your catwastransitioning food brands and ate way too fast, so they end up spitting it back up (again on your favorite rug).

Well, you’re not alone. Our cats have sensitive stomachs that occasionally require special attentionandcat health is of the utmost importance. If your cat has a tummy ache that has led tofelinevomiting or maybe even chroniccat vomiting, worry not because PrettyLitter is here with some home remedies for your cat’s upset stomach. Home remedies can be a great help for different issues such as home remedies for a cat uti , cat diarrhea, and helping with your cat's vomiting.

Why is my cat vomiting?

It sounds strange, but feline vomiting can be a natural way of letting cats get rid of substances in their stomach that may be. Whether it's bad food/food allergy, plants, or a hairball, if it doesn’t sit well with them, their body will try to find a way to get rid of it.

Keep in mind that there could be a more serious cause for your cat’s vomiting. This could be a viral infection, or an digestive tractobstruction caused by a foreign object (like a piece of string ora piece of their toy). It also could be beneficial to check for a parasite like a tapeworm in cats.

Also, roundworms are pretty common, so make sure to visit a vet to diagnose whether there are roundworms vs tapeworms in cats. If you notice blood in their vomit or stool or an abnormal amount of stress in your cat’s behavior, you should take them to the vet immediately. After your trip to the vet, try these home remedies to keep your cat feeling nice and your carpet looking nicer:

#1 A Short Fast 

Try to withhold cat food for a coupleof hours to startbefore continuing to normal feeding. You don’t have to withhold water, but if they are drinking too much water and vomiting that up as well, only let them have a small amount of water at a time. A short fast could allow your cat’supset tummy an opportunity to rest. This is a great natural remedy for digestive problems or an ache in your kitten or adult cat's stomach.

cat in bed

#2 Keep Them Hydrated 

If your cat does not seem interested in drinking water, try giving them a bit of tuna water to keep them hydrated. Tuna water is to cats what sparkling water is to humans– a fancy treat! Make sure you’re not giving your cat the liquids from tuna in oil! Only tuna *water* is safe for your cat. 

#3 A Longer Food Fast

If fasting for two hours does not seem to help, try a 12 to 24 hour fast. If you try this, make sure they always have plenty of fresh water.

Once the fast is over, slowly integrate bland cat food back into your cat’s diet. You can start with a tiny amount of boiled chicken breast, or chicken baby food. If your cat does well with this, slowly transition to their normal diet by mixing this with their usual food. 

#4 Keep Those Hairballs Out! 

If your cat is spitting up hairballs, it could be because they're doing some additional grooming. Sometimes prior to spitting out a hairball, cats will vomit up a clear liquidto rid their stomach oftoxins. But keep in mind, spitting up a cat hairball shouldn’t be painful or difficult. If you notice your cat struggling with their hairball, take them to the vet.

While we all can appreciate some self care, excessive grooming might be a sign to help your cat out with brushing. Bring your cats brush out and give them a daily brush to prevent them from swallowing fur from over-grooming themselves. This brushing will help limit hairball formation and is a great "hairball remedy.

#5 Give ‘em a Little Catnip

Giving your cat a pinch of catnip could help chill out their upset stomach and even their nerves if they’re a bit uneasy. Catnip is a shrub that derives from the mint family and it releases a chemical known as nepetalactone. This chemical is coated all over the plant’s leaves and stems in tiny little pods. When the pods break and your cat gets a whiff of that nepetalactone, it can chill them and their upsettummy out.
black kitten


When is it time to consult a vet?

These home remedies should help put your cat at ease! But as always, consult your vet if your cat is in pain or struggling with thosetrappedhairballs. Pay close attention to your cat and if they don’t improve, take them back to the veterinarian for a follow-up evaluation.

You should definitely seekemergencycare or consult anemergency vet when you suspect chronic vomiting and/or dry heaving (even while fasting) to find the underlying cause and rule out digestive problems, like liver disease, chronic kidney disease, feline panleukopenia, etc. Once your feline friend is back to normal, load up the litter box with PrettyLitter.


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