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Why is My Cat Kicking Litter Everywhere? Causes & Solutions

You've just cleaned the litter box for your kitty. It's all fresh and free of the litter box smell, and if you've got a quality crystal based cat litter, you shouldn't need to clean it fully for several weeks. Your feline friend cat decides they need to use it right now, of course. They daintily do their business and... oh no!

They're kicking like mad, your cat makes a mess in the litter box, sending kitty litter flying all over the floor. All your hard work is ruined and you see kitty litter scattered everywhere. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this struggle. Manycat owners face the challenge ofcat litter tracking. So, why does yourcat do this, and what can you do to tackle this issue?

Why is my cat kicking theirfresh litter everywhere? 

When your kitten kicks theircat litter around, they are following their natural instincts. Cats have an inherent need to cover their waste usingcat litter dust. This behavior stems from their cleanliness and their primal instinct to mark their territory with the pheromones contained in their feces and urine.

If you have ever questioned, “ how territorial are cats?”, the answer is - very territorial. In the wild, smaller cats would bury their feces to indicate that they acknowledged the dominance of larger predators. When your kitten is trying to bury their poop, they are saying, "You're the boss human, and I know it." So annoying as it may be as a cat owner , take it as a compliment!

Does the type of litterbox make a difference?

cat jumping out of litter box


It can.The type and size of thelitter box can make a difference in minimizinglitter tracking. If your cat’s litter box is too small, your kitty may be uncomfortable and turn around and around looking for a good spot to go in. A small litter box also means that when the cat does dig, there's nowhere for the kitty litter mess to go except on the floor , creating another litter box problem. It also helps if the litter box has high sides, as these will catch some of the cat litter that is thrown around.

One of many litter box cleaning hacks, is to get a larger litter box with a hood, which is like a separate room for your cat to go in. Whatever litter box type you use, always make sure to put in the right amount of cat litter. Too much, and you eliminate the benefits of a box with higher sides. Too little, and your cat doesn't have enough to absorb their urine or cover their litter mess (such as solids).

How do I keep the litter in the litterbox?

Remove solids with a litter scoop as soon as you see them, as cats will paw around the litter tray looking for a clean spot to use, which might mean additional digging andexcesslitter on the floor . For clay based litter or pine cat litter, you’ll also need to scoop the urine soaked litter out regularly. Cats might keep digging if they can smell their ‘business’ because they don’t feel they have hidden it enough. This is why it can be really helpful to buy a cat litter that fights odor. By using an odor free cat litter, you’re actually helping your cat mask the smell of their own waste, which reduces their instinct to keep burying it. Silica Gel based litter such asPrettyLitter can be beneficialwith itslow dust production and advancedodor control. 

Additional tips to minimizelitter tracking:

  • Place alitter mat outside thelitter box: acat litter mat helpstrap litter particles and prevents them from spreading throughout your home.
  • Opt fornon-tracking cat litter: Look forcat litter specifically designed to reduce tracking. These low dust cat litters are formulated to be less likely to stick to your cat’s paws.
  • Regularly clean litter mats: clean the litter mats regularly to prevent accumulated

Some large cats are just more into digging than others, but with our tips, you might be able to encourage them to keepfromkicking litter all over your floor. Have you got a cat that digs and kicks cat litter? How do you deal with it? Let us know in the comments!




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