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Pretty Litter vs. Fresh Step Cat Litter: What's the Difference?

Wondering if Pretty Litter or Fresh Step Litter is better? Check out our kitty litter review to find out more. 

We cat people know that cats are smart. And not to make this a cat vs dog thing,butresearch on cat and dog cognition has confirmed that dogs are pretty responsive and needy, and cats, well, they just don’t care what you want, and they barely need our help! In fact, if our cats could get their own litter and food from the store, they probably would. 

But as smart as our cats are, our domesticated feline friends still can’t drive cars (but who knows what’s in store for the future?) So until they can, we are stuck with making the decision of what kind of litter to buy, when to buy it, and generally what is best for our cat’s well being! 

This leads us to the question, how do we know which litter is right for our picky cat or kitten? There are so many brands and different types of cat litter. How could we possibly know which one is best for our wallet, the environment, and most importantly our cat’s health? 

Let’s compare PrettyLitter to Fresh Step Crystals! 

First, what these two litters have in common is that they both are crystal litters made with silica gels. Silica is a naturally occurring substance in the world and totally safe for even sensitive cats. Compared to other options, such as clay litter or clumping litter, crystal kitty litter minimizes litter dust and is softer on your cat’s paws. Both PrettyLitter and Fresh Step litters also offer odor control to promote a naturally fresh and tidy cat litter box. And because they are both types of non clumping cat litter, they work in a pretty similar way. Just scoop the poop out of the litter box, and sift around the rest of the silica litter! 

Health Monitoring 

However, PrettyLitter’s silica litter differs from Fresh Step’s in a few major ways. PrettyLitter’s formula contains the super absorbent silica geland is combined with a proprietary litter tracking formula that can help you monitor your cat's urine for acidity and alkalinity levels outside the average range. Not to mention, our crystals show the visible presence of blood in cat urine. Picky cat parents are obsessed with our health monitoring cat litter’s abilities. 

With Fresh Step Litter, it’s normal for the blue crystals in the litter tray to change color due to exposure to yellow cat urine. But any color-changing, unfortunately, has no connection to your cat’s health. So your cat’s urine may be trying to tell you something, but the litter won’t pick up on it. 

PrettyLitter is manufactured in one of the world's largest and most trusted kitty litter plants, sourcing its own silica microgels using carefully selected mineral sources. On top of that, our manufacturing facility uses the highest quality control standards. And it’s all risk-free! You can stop searchingcoupons for kitty litter, since you’ll save on delivery fees. You’ll have 30 days to totally fall in love with our revolutionary litter. And of course, you can cancel your cat litter subscription at any time. 

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Tired of your home smelling like you have a cat?

Ding Dong! Your Litter Has Arrived at Just the Right Time! 

Once you’re a PrettyLitter subscriber, you never have to think about going to the store and buying litter ever again! Since a bag of our non clumping litter lasts an entire month, we know exactly when to send you your next bag. You’ll also have the option to add a monthly supply of PrettyPlease, our premium, nutrient-rich cat food.

Think of PrettyLitter as your fairy godmother. Except instead of a magic wand, it’s a bag of crystals! And instead of getting you to the ball, we’re getting your cat to the vet before it becomes an urgent medical situation! It’s truly magical. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Stars!

The PrettyLitter reviews speak for themselves: our crystal litter has over 12,000 five-star ratings! While Fresh Step has many good reviews, we can’t say the amount of happy customers is on par with PrettyLitter. 

PrettyLitter is the great product it is today because of you! We heard your honest, hilarious, and helpful feedback, and we used it to make our litter as best as it could possibly be! PrettyLitter is honored to be a part of your home, health, and happiness! 

In our humble opinion, we believe PrettyLitter is the world's best cat litter subscription. If you ever have questions about PrettyLitter’s health monitoring abilities, 30-day risk-free guarantee, or anything else cat-related, reach out! We love to hear from you! 

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Ready to stop hating your cat litter?
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