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How to Care for Oriental Shorthair Cats

Oriental Shorthair cats are basically Siamese cats but without the distinctive cream and black coloring. In fact, Orientals come in a wide variety of fur color, making them a beautiful and diverse breed of kitty. Like the Siamese though, they need lots of attention and care. Read our short guide on how to care for Oriental Shorthair cats, and find out if this could be the perfect cat breed for you.

Oriental Shorthair Cats: Behavior

Oriental Shorthairs love to be the center of attention. If you love lavishing attention on your pets, the Oriental Shorthair cat will adore you. They are fiercely loyal and can even become jealous if you are fussing another cat, or not giving them enough love. If they feel unloved, they can become moody and unhappy. Shower your Oriental with attention and they will follow you around your home, chatting with you and trying to ‘help’ you with your daily tasks.

Orientals are very intelligent, and you may find drawers open and bags emptied as their natural curiosity takes over. Make time to play with your Oriental as they need stimulation as well as love and affection. Shiny toys and climbing centers will help keep this cat mentally and physically healthy.

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Oriental Shorthair Cats: Grooming and Care

As their name suggests, Oriental Shorthair cats have silky, short hair which doesn’t require too much attention. A comb and stroke with a soft cloth a couple of times a month will keep their fur in great condition. For Orientals, grooming is as much about your cat getting attention as it is about coat maintenance. Grooming becomes a bonding experience, where your cat has your undivided attention. You’ll come to love this one-on-one time with your cat just as much as they do.

Another care point for Oriental cats is looking after their ears. Orientals have large, almost bat-like ears, which they skillfully pivot to pick out noises from a surprising distance away. They can hear at very high frequencies, so you may see your cat perk up at a noise you simply can’t hear. These large and useful ears do need a bit of attention from time to time, as they are prone to picking up dirt. If your cat’s ears are looking a bit worse for wear, use a damp cotton wool ball or soft cloth to very gently wipe the insides clean. Don’t ever poke anything into the cat’s ear, such as a Q-tip or similar cotton swap, as the delicate ears could be damaged.

Oriental Shorthair Cats: Health and Hygiene

Oriental Shorthair Cat 

Just like their Siamese relatives, Oriental Shorthair cats can, unfortunately, be susceptible to certain health problems. These can include amyloidosis, a protein disorder which can affect the liver or other internal organs; chest problems such as asthma; heart problems and dental or digestive issues. As well as regular checkups with your vet, your Oriental’s health will benefit from a great hygiene regime. Brush their teeth at least once a week to prevent plaque buildup. Keep their eyes clear of discharge with a soft, damp cloth, always wiping away from the eye and not using the same bit of cloth for both eyes.

It’s vital to keep their litter box spotless and fresh. Orientals often naturally become indoor cats, and like most cats, are very particular about their bathroom hygiene.

So, now you’ve been introduced to the affectionate and intelligent Oriental Shorthair cats, could they be the pet for you? If you want an affectionate, smart cat who loves to be around you, the answer could definitely be ‘yes’.


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