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4 Reasons Why You Should Have An Exotic Shorthair Cat


Exotic Shorthair cats, also known as Shorthaired Persians, have a relatively short breed history that only goes back about 50 years, when breeders of the American Shorthair started introducing the Persian into the bloodline. The desired results were green eyes, a silver coat and a sturdier, more robust body. While the breeders intended results were not achieved, a beautiful new breed was created. The Exotic Shorthair has the combined traits of the American Shorthair and the Persian. Today it is a very popular breed among cat enthusiasts. Here are four reasons why you should get an Exotic Shorthair of your very own.


1. Sweet Personality

Exotic Shorthair Kitten

While this breed tends to be docile and sweet like their Persian ancestors, they are more adventurous-- a nod to their American Shorthair heritage. They love jumping at the toy you dangle from a stick. They are also very intelligent and will carefully plot ways to get that toy after you put it away. They are not a taxing breed, preferring to sit in front of you waiting for your attention rather than demanding it. Exotics can be perfectly content to lay around in a cool spot or sit in a lap all day receiving your affection. People tend to request females, believing that males will be more aggressive. Many pet owners find, however, that males are typically quite docile and affectionate while the females are often more aloof.

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2. The Exotic Shorthair is an Attractive Breed

In many ways the Exotic Shorthair resembles the Persian from which it came. Exotics have stout frames with big bones and solid features. It has a large square head and flattened face much like its Persian family members. Its small ears and wide-set eyes give its face a kitten-like appearance. But its most distinctive feature is its luxurious, short haired coat which can come in any color or coat pattern. Its coat includes a dense undercoat. With heavy features and a thick coat, Exotics are said to resemble a plush toy. Their soft, lovable, teddy bear looks make them a much sought after breed.  


3. They are Super-Low Maintenance

Grey Exotic Shorthair

The American Shorthair is pretty low maintenance. It does not require any special grooming other than the occasional brushing and regular feeding. Meanwhile, the Persian has long hair that requires daily brushing. The Exotic Shorthair which comes from these two breeds, however, has the best of both worlds. The Exotic's thick, luscious coat is just as attractive as the Persian's but has the easy maintenance of the American Shorthair. It is no wonder one of its nicknames is “The Lazy Man's Persian.”

4. They Probably Will Not Sleep on Your Head

One commonly told story is of cats is that they will sit on their owners' chest or sleep on their owners' heads. The Exotic Shorthair is very friendly and laid back, which makes them very easy to get along with. They are also pretty loyal and affectionate, which means that they are likely to want to spend time with you. Despite these things, the Exotic is not a heat seeker. On the contrary, they prefer cool places to stretch out and spend time, which means it is unlikely to try to curl up on your head.

The Exotic Shorthair is a very popular breed of cat. With its kitten-cute looks, low-maintenance mane and easy going personality, it's only natural. If you choose this-- or any other breed-- then you will certainly want to ensure that you take the best possible care of them. After all, the Exotic can live up to 15 years. You should make sure they are good years. It is important to give your cat a healthy diet, appropriate toys and stimuli and regular vet visits to keep up to date on vaccinations. Products such as Pretty Litter can help you keep abreast of your pet's health by alerting you to problems. If you are looking for a companion animal, consider the easy-going Exotic Shorthair.


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