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How PrettyLitter Works

What's so special about PrettyLitter?

PrettyLitter is made from amorphous silica gel, which has several amazing benefits from its lightweight nature to its dreamy appearance. Our favorite is its super absorbency that wicks moisture and even helps prevent bacterial growth that could lead to UTIs.

Our unique, proprietary formulation changes color to help detect early signs of illness. You could call this the “secret sauce” of our product. (We’ll go into detail about this in our “How does the color change work?” section.)

What's so
          special about PrettyLitter?

“I can't believe how spoiled I've become with this litter. It makes dealing with cat excrement so much easier! I love Pretty Litter. A lot.”

G. Gregory
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What's so
      special about PrettyLitter?

Key Differences

Scoop the

Just Scoop the Poop!

PrettyLitter traps urine and evaporates moisture.

Up to 80%

Up to 80% Lighter

You never knew lightweight litter could work this hard.

Refill just once
      a month

Refill Just Once a Month

Smells great for up to 30 days, no topping off needed!

How does the color
change work?

We designed PrettyLitter with proprietary health monitoring technology to help signal some potential health issues early before you may even notice symptoms in your cat.

PrettyLitter reacts to certain urinary elements such as levels of acidity and alkalinity to make color changes visible to the naked eye or show blood.


Dark green or blue

This means your cat’s urine is alkaline indicating possible:

  • Increased risk of struvite stone formation in the bladder
  • Certain species of bacteria of feline urinary tract infection (bacteria that causes the infection can increase urine pH)

Yellow to orange

This means that your cat’s urine is acidic indicating possible:

  • Kidney disease or kidney tubular acidosis
  • Metabolic acidosis
  • UTI
  • Calcium oxalate crystal formation


This shows the presence of blood indicating possible:

  • Bladder inflammation
  • Bladder stones
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Bladder cancer
  • Renal pathology (renal hematuria)
Acidity indicator
What is silica gel?

What is silica gel?

By weight, silica makes up more than 25% of the earth’s crust. As such, it’s a mineral found all around in nature.

Silica gel, or Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS) is a form of silica that has been widely used in topical and oral medicines, food and cosmetics for decades. Meaning it’s very likely you already use (and love) several silica gel products.

How does silica gel
cat litter work?

PrettyLitter’s silica gel crystals have millions of tiny pores in each grain. In fact, because of these pores, one small scoop of PrettyLitter has a surface area larger than a football field — no wonder one bag goes so far!

Additionally, because PrettyLitter absorbs so well, it means you need less litter to last you and your cat a whole month. This makes our bags smaller and lighter.

Fun fact: PrettyLitter is up to 80% lighter than traditional litters.

How does Silica Gel cat
      litter work?

"Well, it happened today.... my pretty litter turned red.... rushed my baby (13 years old!) to the vet and no blockage, but high red blood cell count - he has an infection with some inflammation. Tonight he seems like himself after an injection... THANK YOU PRETTY LITTER!!!! #wortheverypenny!"

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