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What to Know About Cat Sizes when Picking a Cat

Having a cat as a pet is a wonderful way to enjoy a companion in your home, care for another creature, and teach children responsibility. There are many ways you can choose a pet cat, from deciding on the breed to determining where you want to get the cat from (a rescue, a friend, etc.).
One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when picking a pet cat is the size of the cat. The size of the cat can have many effects on what it is like to live with them as a pet, and knowing more about cat sizes can help ensure you're making the right choice before you bring your new can home. Here's everything you need to know about cat sizes before you pick out your beloved pet.

Cats Can Be Bigger Than You Think

large house cat
You may think of cats as delicate and graceful creatures (which they are), but some cats are actually very big and heavy! So, you should decide whether you're looking for a lithe and light little animal before you pick a cat, or whether you're looking for a sturdier and stockier pet. The biggest cats can weigh around 25 pounds or more, and these cats require more food in order to keep them fed and healthy. To figure out if you're going to end up with one of the largest cat breeds, check out this list of the top 10 largest cat breeds. One of the most popular is the Maine Coon, which typically weighs between 10 and 18 pounds.

Small Cat Breeds Do Well in Small Spaces

munchkin cat
If you live in an apartment without a lot of room to roam, you could benefit from picking a small cat. Small cats do better in small spaces, since they can curl up and relax, and the space that you have will still fun and exciting for them to explore. Some of the most popular breeds of small cats include the Munchkin Cat, the Balinese cat, and the Singapura cat. If you want a large cat, be sure that you have enough space in your home.

Pay Attention to Litter Box Size

black cat in litter box
Whether you choose a big cat or a small cat, you should make adaptations based on that size—particularly when it comes to choosing a litter box. The litter box should be at least 1.5 times the size of the cat, so that they can easily get into the litter box and use it. Cats too large for their litter box may start going to the bathroom outside the litter box, which can create a mess for you.

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When you decide to bring home a pet cat, there are lots of things you need to keep in mind, including what size that cat will be. By learning about each size cat and what having one will entail, you can ensure you're picking the right animal for your family and prepare to have the right supplies and space. If you want to make the process of getting kitty litter simple and convenient no matter the size of your cat, consider signing up with PrettyLitter. We can make regular litter deliveries to your home to ensure that you always have the supplies to keep your cat healthy and happy.


Do you have experience taking care of a cat that is particularly large, and if so, how has that been unique? Let us know by dropping a line in the comments!


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