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What is the Best Dry Cat Food?

By Rasha Aly

Our goal, as cat parents, is to feed our fur babies the best cat food out there.

What is the best dry cat food? Have you considered changing cat food to something a lot healthier? It is no surprise that the best cat food for your indoor cat is – of course- PrettyPlease Premium Cat Food.

But don’t take our word for it. Look at the evidence.

Evidence One

The first piece of evidence is on the label.

We must ensure the Association of American Feed Control approves of the dry kibbles we feed our cats.

What is the AAFO?

Think of it like the Food & Drug Administration but for our little furry critters. Although no mandatory law requires local, state, and federal agencies to abide by AAFCO regulations, these agencies still voluntarily join the AAFCO to create policies to regulate the sale and distribution of animal food and drugs.

AAFCO officials help determine the best ingredients to use in adult dry cat food to keep them healthy. Therefore, whatever food pet owners choose, veterinarians advise the food should follow AAFCO requirements. Pet food companies show they are following AAFCO guidelines through the AAFCO label.

To make any cat owner happy, AAFCO is teaching other manufacturers about what ingredients adult dry cat food manufacturers should use through its recently launched Comprehensive Animal Feed Ingredient Submission Course.

Evidence Two

The next piece of evidence is in the meat.

It is essential to ensure that protein is the primary ingredient in your cat’s dry food. It should be the first ingredient listed. Also, there are hardly any artificial flavors in the best dry food.

We find protein in all living organisms. Veterinarians say cats need a protein-high diet. Protein, usually found in meat, is a high-energy source for cats.

Many animals, including humans, get their energy from carbohydrates. But cats are different. Cats are omnivores, meaning they get their energy by eating protein and plant-based foods. Wildcats absorb their protein through the prey they catch. They find a lot of protein in their prey’s muscle meat, organs, bones, and other prey pieces.

Other animals metabolize crucial nutrients, like Vitamin A, niacin, omega fatty acids, and amino acid.

But not cats.

They can’t metabolize these ingredients independently. So, they have to get these nutrients from proteins found in the tissues of their prey. That’s why protein is so vital to our tomcats and tabbies. But protein isn't the only nutrient indoor cats need. They also require Omega fatty acids because they help absorb vitamins and minerals. That's why cat parents should be more selective of any cat food brand.

PrettyPlease Premium Cat Food has a lot of protein. When looking at the label, the first three ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal. In fact, according to the label statistics, crude protein makes up at least a minimum of 40 percent of the ingredients. Without too many preservatives and carbohydrates, your cats would also have a healthy weight.

All of this protein indicates PrettyPlease cat food is an excellent source of animal protein for all of our adult cats!

Evidence Three

Then, the next piece of evidence is still in the ingredients. Dry food should contain some carbohydrates.

Diet critics say cats don’t need carbohydrates since they rely on animal protein for energy. They say cats poorly metabolize the glucose found in carbohydrates and, instead, can cause another issue in cats: obesity.

Although carbohydrates are not essential to a cat’s diet, veterinarians say cats need carbohydrates. This nutrient has many benefits:

Carbohydrate advantages

  1. A second stream of energy - Carbohydrates provide another source of glucose (sugar) for energy rather than relying on amino acids. Known as a protein’s building blocks, amino acids help other body components too. Instead, cats can use the amino acids in other areas – such as working with hormones, antibodies, and enzymes to help repair and resupply tissue.
  1. Fiber is a carbohydrate - You can find fiber in dry kibble. It’s great for a cat’s gut health and digestion. Examples of fibers include grains, cereals, vegetables, and fruit. They help your cat maintain a healthy weight. For cat parents with obese cats, fiber is one answer to how to help your cat lose weight.
  1. Defense against some feline illnesses – Cats with chronic kidney disease or liver disease need to avoid having a lot of protein. Too much protein can cause a condition called Proteinuria in cats, which essentially means your kitty’s urine has high protein levels. Proteinuria can be a sign of underlying issues such as CKD. Instead of relying on a diet filled with protein, a diet with more carbohydrates would help your kitty’s health. You should be more mindful of the diet if you have an older cat.

Guess which cat food also contains carbohydrates? PrettyPlease cat food. It includes tapioca starch and flaxseed. According to the label, cat food has a maximum of 4 percent crude fiber.

Evidence Four

The evidence is in what’s missing.

The best dry cat food should not have carrageenan. A familiar ingredient pet parents can find in multiple cat food. Carrageenan is an additive extracted from edible red seaweed – also known as the Irish mosh. Cat food manufacturers use it to help preserve cat food.

The problem is carrageenan can be dangerous.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer conducted a 1982 study that showed carrageenan is a carcinogen (something that causes cancer). The study revealed several connections between carrageenan and cancerous growths and intestinal ulcers.

The United States Department of Agriculture had momentarily thought of excluding the use of carrageenan in all dry kibble. However, the federal agency never followed through with it.

Still, if humans are unsure about eating it, it’s a good idea to avoid serving kitties carrageenan.

Guess which well-known adult cat food does not include carrageenan? Pretty Litter, of course.

Evidence Five

Look at the filling for the fifth piece of evidence.

Some pet food companies want to cut costs. They do this by using filler artificial flavors that do not cost little money.

Some examples of these ingredients include corn and soy products – which can also be considered genetically modified organisms. Many farmers have tried to alter the genes of plants, through selective breeding, to create a better version of the plant.

To create this new-and-improved plant, farmers may use toxic pesticides to aid the growth. We do not want these harmful substances to end up in the stomachs of our feline friends and hurt them. Therefore, it’s best to avoid food that uses GMO products.

PrettyPlease does not have corn or soy products.

All of this proof shows that PrettyPlease is the best dry food for your adult cat.

You don't need to give your cat a feast that’s fancy. You just need to make sure to provide a healthy cat's diet. How much dry food to feed a cat? That depends on the age and the cat’s nutritional needs. However, instead of debating wet versus dry cat food, it’s best to mix up the cat's diet with both because both provide different nutritional benefits. So if you have a new cat, better ask your vet how much wet and dry food to feed a cat. The balance of wet cat food and dry food can help your cat live a long and healthy life.

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