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Top 6 Places to Put Your Litter Box

Your kitty’s litter box is an important part of their environment at home, and smart litter box placement will make all the difference in how comfortable they are in their surroundings. 

It’s important to know where to place the litter box. Here, we answer the most common questions aboutthebest placeto put a litter box and share tips to keep both you and your feline friend happy.

How Many Litter Boxes Do I Need?

Before we discuss where to put your cat’s litter box, let’s first determine how many litter boxes you need. The general rule for the number of litter boxes needed is one litter box per cat, plus one more. For example, if you have two cats, you will need three litter boxes. 

Cats are territorial, and some cats don’t like doing their business where other cats have been. If you have multiple cats, the additional litter box gives everyone enough space to go to the bathroom freely without worrying about whether it’s clean or taken by another cat. Even if you only have one cat, this rule is good because it provides your pet with options. 

Where Should I Put My Litter Box?

Now that you know how many litter boxes you need, let’s look at some tips on deciding your cat’slitter boxplacement

You will want to choose an area for your litter box that is:


Cats like privacy when they’re using the litter box, so make sure the box is in a low-traffic area that is quiet and away from other pets, kids, or distractions. Cats are at their most vulnerable when using the litter box, so they need to feel safe. If you’re wondering how to calm a kitten down so she’ll use the bathroom, make sure the area is free from distractions such as her favorite toys. 

Away From Food and Water 

Of course, you will want to place litter boxes away from your kitty’s PrettyPlease cat food and water for sanitary reasons. No one wants to go to the bathroom right next to where they eat!

Easy to Clean Up

This tip is more for you than your kitty! If possible, choose an area that is easy to clean up in case of accidents or litter tracking. Some types of litter scatter more than others. It’s also a good idea to put down a litter mat to catch some of that excess litter and to clean your cat’s feet. 

Easy to Access 

Your cat’s litter box should be easy for them to access. Cats can have serious health issues when they can’t or choose not to go to the bathroom regularly. Make it easy on your kitty by putting their litter box in an easily accessible area. 

Accessible on Each Floor of the House

If you have multiple floors in your home, you should have a litter box on each floor. Like our previous point of making the litter box easily accessible, this tip will help make it easier for your pet to do their business, no matter where in the house they’re hanging out. 


cat in box

6 Places to Put Your Litter Box 

These tips will help you find the perfect spot for your cat’s litter box or multiple litter boxes. With these tips in mind, here are some places to consider, depending on your space:

  • Bathroom
  • Guest bathroom
  • Guest bedroom
  • Guest bedroom closet
  • Laundry room (away from the loud machines)
  • Mudroom

Where you place your litter box will depend on your space and your cat’s needs and preferences. Even thoughhavingmultiplelitter boxes aren’t the most visually-appealing part of being a cat owner, they are super important, and where you put the litter box matters.

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Litter Box Hygiene Tips

No matter where you put your litter box, keeping it clean is the most important partwhen it comes to how you can control litter box smell. Cats love a clean litter box where they feel comfortable doing their business. 

Here are some litter box tips to make sure it stays clean and tidy for both you and your cat. 

Clean it Every Day

First and foremost, you should clean the litter box every day, whether you have one or multiple cats. A clean litter box is much more inviting to your kitty and will limit the risk of them holding their business in, which can cause major issues (such as a urinary blockage). 

When you’re cleaning thelittertray orbox, make sure you get every last bit of waste, including the waste that can fall to the bottom. With clay litter, this might include scraping the bottom for any remnants. If you’re using a crystal litter, all you have to do is clean out the #2 waste and then give the crystals a good mix to freshen them up. 

Use a Litter Deodorizer

There are many cat litter deodorizers on the market made with all-natural ingredients like baking soda. You simply sprinkle these deodorizers on thetraytopreventlitter box odor

Try Different Types of Litter

There are so many more cat litter options than just the standard clumping clay litter. Don’t be afraid to try new types to see which one your cat prefers. These could include crystal litter, pine cat litter, or litter made from corn, paper, pine, and more. Many cat owners tell us that their kitties love our super soft crystal litter that is gentle on their paws. 

Experiment with Closed and Open Litter Boxes

There are many debates in the crazy cat parent world about whether or not you should use a covered litter box. At the end of the day, it depends on what your cats prefer. Some cats don’t like covered litter boxes because they make them feel trapped, while others feel more protected in covered litter boxes.

One of the benefits of covered litter boxes is that they limit the litter scatter from your cat going in and out of the box. However, they can be harder to scoop every day. Also, the covered litter boxes may trap odor inside, making them less habitable for your kitty. 

Change the Litter Out Regularly

In addition to cleaning the dirty litter box every day, you should also do a complete litter change about once a month. This keeps the litter fresh for your kitty and ensures that you’re getting rid of all waste. Our convenient PrettyLitter bags are perfectly portioned for a month’s worth of litter and are delivered to you directly every month, so you never forget when to change cat litter

Is your cat peeing outside of their litter box? Check out our blog to learn more about potential reasons.

A Final Note on Where to Put Your Litter Box 

Litter Boxes are not what any cat parent looks forward to when they get a new cat or kitten, but they are necessary for our feline friends’ health and wellbeing. Even though litter boxes aren’t pretty, don’t be tempted to tuck the litter box away where no one (including your cat!) can find it. Your cat’s litter box should be easily accessible, and you should have enough litter boxes for your cats (one for each cat, plus one more). The litter box should be in a quiet place away from other distractions. 

In addition to knowing where to put your cat’s litter box, you should also know how to keep it properly clean. Make sure to clean it every day, use a deodorizer if things get smelly, and do a complete litter change about once a month. 

Check out our blog for more tips to keep your cat healthy and happy. Whether you’re looking for the best cat laser toy or wondering how to train a cat to walk on a leash, we’re here to help!






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