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November Cool Cat of the Month: Meet Fang!

We talked to PrettyLitter subscriber Chloe A. about Fang and here’s what they had to say:

I first found Fang on TradeMe (New Zealand’s version of eBay) while living in Auckland. He was the cutest kitten with blue eyes. His owner had to relocate him  because he was a gift for her daughter, and it turned out her daughter’s flat didn’t allow cats.  So she'd tried to keep him at her own house, but her several mature cats were bullying him - poor wee thing!  Her loss was my gain, and I remember that on the way back home, I took him out of his carrier when we stopped for gas. He immediately jumped up on my lap and started purring - it was love at first snuggle.

When Fang was about 1 year old, he ended up undergoing intestinal surgery for an obstruction, which turned out to be a combination of an ear bud, part of an eyelash curler, tons of my hair and other non-food items.  Luckily, Fang has for the most part stopped eating household items, and now has a badass scar.


Fang is a globetrotter as well, and has lived in New Zealand, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington DC and Virginia.  He now enjoys basking in the sun in California with his fluffy brother, Jaga.


Fang’s Favorite Pastimes:

Being around people.  Chasing people.  Play fighting with his brother. Biting ankles.  Playing fetch.  Chewing on plastic. Playing with his favorite toy, Tooth.  Lazing in his hammock.  Lazing in his tower.  Posing upside down for attention.

Fang’s Most Mischievous Behaviors

50/50 between singing a song as he moves his favorite toy Tooth around from room to room, and sneaking up on people to nip at their ankles when they're least expecting it.

If your cat could have one thing unlimited for the rest of time, what would it be?

Attention from people - he LIVES for it!

Thank you for sharing your story, Chloe and Fang!

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