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Keep Your Cat Warm in the Winter


Winter Is Coming

Jenni-furr Lopez may have the most luxurious natural fur coat on the block, but the fact is she can still get chilly! As for our less-furry feline friend, you can imagine they will need even more help staying warm as the colder winter months approach. Read on to learn some tips and tricks to keep your cuddle buddy nice and snuggly.

Baby It’s Cold Outside -- Keep Kitty Indoors!

Even though your cat may seem to be equipped to handle the cold temperatures better than humans, it is still possible for them to suffer from hypothermia and frostbite when cold temperatures fall below freezing. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, a good rule of thumb is keep them inside when the daily average is going to be lower than 45°F. 

Furthermore, this time of year is a great time of year to double check security of all entrances and exits your feline friend might find. Not only does sealing and securing doors and windows help you keep your home warmer during the winter months, but it also ensures your escape artist won’t find his way outside or to a part of the house where temperature is more difficult to regulate (i.e. a cellar or attic) without your knowledge.

**For any outdoor cat that spends a lot of time outside, do NOT let them out with a sweater or any sort of clothing on. You may think this will help them stay warm while roaming, but it’s possible it could get caught on something like a fence and could cause them to get stuck or injured while trying to free themselves.**

The Fire Is So Delightful


So, now that you’ve got your snuggle buddy indoors, be sure your home is indeed warm! Cats, having descended from desert dwellers, prefer a warm temperature and if they had control of the thermostat would probably keep the house somewhere between 70°F and 80°F. If you prefer a cooler temp at home, maybe consider designating a specific room or warm space for your cat where you keep it warmer with a space heater (although be sure they are never confined to that space).

Likewise, don’t forget to think about your home’s temperature if you go out! If you usually turn the heat off when you leave, consider how much the temperature may drop and keep your furry friend’s comfort in mind.

**If a space heater or fireplace is an option you intend to use this season, practice fire safety! Take care making sure to choose space heaters that are in a secure location and have an automatic shut off feature, and that your fireplace screen is sturdily in position to keep the fire well out of paw’s reach.**

Deck the Halls… With Plenty of Blankets!


For the times when you aren’t lovingly creating warm cuddle-puddles on the couch with Santa Paws, leave out soft blankets, towels, and/or pet beds. Be sure to position beds in sunny spots or other warming spots like a radiator, heating vent, etc. -- just not too close! You might also get a little extra (because you love your pet cat sooooo much) and try a heating disk or heating pad in their bed. In case you have an older cat with arthritis, winter can make those aches flair up, so you might look into getting a heated cat bed designed to assist in relieving joint pains to ensure a healthy cat.

For those of you who are more interested in some DIY comfort care, consider leaving out some cardboard boxes as an outdoor cat shelter! Cardboard just happens to be a great insulator, and the small, darker space invites your kitty to curl up and get cozy. I mean, who doesn’t love a good box cat house?

A final creative thought, if your cat eats wet food and drinks water out of a ceramic water bowl, you might consider heating up those before meal times!

**If you are interested in using something like a heating pad, do NOT use a conventional human heating pad as they could pose an electrocution hazard.

Dancing and Prancing

Lastly, get Purr-ancer rockin’ around the Christmas tree! Keeping your festive feline engaged in an interactive game or make-shift obstacle course is a sure-fire way to get their blood pumping. Anything that gets them swatting, jumping, chasing, or pouncing is great for mental and physical health, and it’s a great way to warm your cat’s body heat. It’s also a great way to bond. Games and obstacle courses are perfect gifts for cat lovers.

Another way to get your pet cat active is to spend time training them regularly. It’s something you both can look forward to and it keeps their mind and body engaged during these chill, lazy cold winter months.

With all these cool tips on how to keep cats warm in winter, your cat is sure to be warm and comfy all winter long! The snuggle is real, my friends! To keep that snuggle uninterrupted, sign up for PrettyLitter for the winter-ready convenience of staying in while litter is brought right to your door. PrettyLitter is lightweight, helps to monitor your cat’s health by changing colors, and traps odor so well you can crank that heat up to summer heat without the worry of cat stench. Try it today!

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