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June Cool Cat of the Month: Meet Lestat and Laszlo!

We talked to PrettyLitter subscriber Amy S. about Lestat and Laszlo and here’s what she had to say:

In 2019, my family started thinking about adopting kittens. After casually researching rescues and shelters  for months, I found The Orphan Kitten Club (OKC) in San Diego, CA.  Everything I was reading about this organization ticked all of the boxes on my cat adoption checklist. I started following them on Instagram and watched multiple YouTube videos from their page.  I loved what I saw. We were getting ready to submit an application for adoption and then the pandemic hit. As we were unsure of the fate of everything in March of 2020 all of our plans were put on hold. 

Then, on June 8, 2020 in San Diego CA, a litter of 4 newborn kittens were found in a backyard.  They looked just hours old however there was no mother cat in sight. After OKC was called and quickly arrived with heating pads, cleaning supplies, and newborn kitten food, they got to work saving the litter. The two males of the litter were named Denim and Corduroy, and the two females were named Velvet and Chenille. They were dubbed The Fabric Crew. Denim was the kitten most in need of medical attention. He was on medications for weeks after OKC took the litter to their foster home/orphanage. He was struggling to breathe at one point and practically on life support. OKC didn't know if he was going to survive. The entire time Denim was sick, his big brother Corduroy was by his side giving him comfort and love. Denim was a tough kitten and with the help of the best foster parents EVER taking care of him and Corduroy's brotherly love, Denim pulled through! The two brothers were thick as thieves and OKC instantly paired them up for adoption. There was a side effect of Denim's kitten illness however and he developed a fever coat. So, in addition to his all over light grey fever coat fur, he became the fluffiest of the litter. He really stood out from the rest of his 3 siblings who were basically identical.

At the end of June, I was still working from home full time and my kids were on summer break. We quickly realized the pandemic was actually the perfect time to adopt kittens and we submitted our application for adoption to OKC. About a month later I received a message from OKC with the awesome news that our application was accepted and there were two black kittens just perfect for us! On August 15, 2021 my family drove 2 hours to San Diego to pick up Denim and Corduroy and bring them home.  Upon arrival, Denim started exploring his new home and Corduroy promptly barfed under our coffee table (it was a long car ride home). Within minutes, they both made themselves at home, started playing with their new toys, ate, and realized they had the best family on earth because they were ridiculously spoiled. Denim became Lestat (from Interview with the Vampire) and Corduroy became Laszlo (from What We Do in The Shadows) We decided on their names because they were black cats who had long sharp murder mitts and vampire fangs of death.

Today, Lestat's fever coat is almost completely gone and he officially looks like a black cat again.  All that remains is his belly fluff which is bright white in some areas. Also, as of right now he doesn't appear to have any other medical issues considering what he experienced at birth.  His vet has given him a clean bill of health to date which is such great news!  Lestat and Laszlo act just like human brothers would they play, fight, hug, and repeat. Laszlo is also the most loveable cat I have ever known. He defies any of the typical bad cat stereotypes out there with the amount of cuddles and belly rubs he demands.  

They're the best. We love them and we spoil them rotten. :)


One Fun Fact About Them:

I am an artist and my cats LOVE to watch me draw while walking all over my paper, chewing on the pencils, and swatting at the pens while I draw.

Their Favorite Pastimes:

Lestat and Laszlo do all of their favorite activities together including sleeping, eating, cuddling, and their all time favorite wrestling and playing like WILD all over the house. They can run into every room of the house in a matter of a couple minutes while chasing each other and tumbling about like acrobats.

Most Mischievous Behavior:

Whenever meat is on the menu for humans, Lestat and Laszlo are very sneaky with trying to leap up on the table climbing up the backs of chairs, and getting into the trashcan to get their paws on some meat scraps!

If your cats could have one thing unlimited for the rest of time, what would it be?

Chicken. Shredded chicken. They lose their minds when its cooking and when Im cutting it up. I now buy extra chicken at the store just for them.

Thank you for sharing your story, Amy, Lestat, and Laszlo!

The family on Lestat and Laszlo’s Gotcha Day!


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