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Javanese Cats

The only unfortunate thing about a Javanese Cat is that the breed doesn't actually come from the Indonesian island of Java. They were given the name Javanese because the island is close to Bali & Thailand (Siam) and the breeds named for those islands are closely related. Other than that, this breed is a delightful and beautiful cat that came from mixing Siamese, Colorpoint and Balinese cats. They are almost identical in shape and personality to a Siamese cat, but their coat has a unique look due to their breeding.

Is it a Javanese or a Siamese?

Officially, both the Javanese and Balinese cat breeds are in the Siamese umbrella group of breeds. So, technically, it is both! You will know a Javanese cat specifically by its creamy white coat with point colors on the face, paws and tail. The colors may be red, various shades of tortie point, or lilac cream among other hues. Besides this coloring, they have the same beautiful almond-shaped eyes, solid body and winning personality of a Siamese beauty.

Javanese Health & Breeding Issues

javanese cat on white background
Since these cats are not a naturally occurring breed, they have some genetic tendencies that can affect their health. Many of the problems are the same as Siamese cats since they derive from that breed. These issues include heart defects, breathing problems, crossed eyes, neurological disorders and liver disorders. Making sure you know where you're getting your cat from and what their practices are. As always, watch your lovely new friend for any changes like not eating, lethargy or changes in bathroom habits to identify health problems.

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A Javanese Family Pet

This sleek and strong cat makes an excellent family pet. They love to be around people and may watch almost everything you do with intent. They can even learn tricks and love to impress you by playing fetch or going on a family walk on a leash. Though they love other animals and children in general, each cat does have its own personality. Introduce kids and animals slowly and with vigilance to make sure that the relationship starts out on the right foot. Before long, your Javanese will be just another member of the family!

Javanese Cats: The Nosy Breed

javanese cat on green background
The personality of a Javanese cat is delightful, but some people find them to be a bit too nosy. They love to be involved with whatever you're doing and for some pet owners, their enthusiastic interest is a bit too much. However, if you have a bit of time each day to devote to satisfying your furry friend's need for attention, it will be a great fit for you. They are also quite smart and need stimulation so they don't get into mischievous trouble. When left alone, make sure to give your feline friend plenty of engaging toys and puzzles so they might spare your home items that look like toys to a very playful cat.

Are you ready to meet your new best friend? If you want a cat who is not going to nonchalantly ignore you like many breeds, the cute Javanese is a great choice. Just make sure you have the time and energy to devote to your cat, who will greatly appreciate some attention every day.

Do you have an adorable story involving a color-pointed Javanese kitty? Tell everyone in the comments below!


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