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Japanese Bobtail Cats

Japanese bobtail cats are a friendly, adorable short-tailed breed. They are typically agile companions who sometimes act more like a dog than a cat, carrying things in their mouths and following you around the house. In Japan, they are often seen as no more than a common street cat, but elsewhere, it is a treasured feline shown with pride at cat fancier events.

Japanese Bobtail History: How They Got Their Short Tail

No one knows exactly how the Japanese Bobtail cat got its short tail, but it has shown up in Japanese history for at least 1,000 years, proving it is a naturally occurring breed. There are legends of how they got their tails, or lack thereof. Some say the special cats were a gift from a Chinese Emperor, or that they were passengers along with the first Buddhist monks who came to the country. One legend suggests the cats lost their tails because a cat's tail caught fire. When the cat became scared it ran around a whole town and burned it down. The emperor then said no cats could have tails to avoid a similar disaster in the future. However they got their tails, and they are absolutely cute!

Japanese Bobtail's Winning Personality

Bobtail cat
The Japanese Bobtail cat has a wonderful personality atypical of many cat breeds. They love to chat with you as they follow you around the house. Your cat may even carry around a treasured toy, more like a dog. This cat does not shy away from water. They love to paw around in fish tanks or ponds. As they are smart, they can often turn on a water faucet by themselves to have their fun. Bobtails love human companionship, and when you're not available, they would probably appreciate having another animal pal to hang out with.

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Health Concerns for Japanese Bobtail Cats

Unlike some other bobtail breeds, the genetic trait that leads to the shortened tail does not have a tendency to cause other spinal abnormalities. However, like any pedigreed animal, you should talk to the breeder to find out about their practices to make sure your animal will be as healthy as possible. Otherwise, you just have to worry about the general health concerns that every cat owner may have. Watch for changes in behavior and energy levels to catch health issues before they become a serious issue.

Easy Grooming for Japanese Bobtails

jap bobtail cat
Japanese Bobtails come in both a short hair and long hair variety. Both are very easy to groom and just require some brushing perhaps once a week. Other than that, care for their nails and ears the way you would with any other cat and you'll have a beautiful and happy friend. If you're worried your cat won't sit still for these activities, just know if you start doing it when they are a kitten, they will be used to it by the time they are an adult-sized cat.
Japanese Bobtails look like a normal tri-color cat with a cute pom pom instead of a tail. They are a charming addition to any home and get along just fine without a long queue.
Do you have a funny tale about a tailless sweetie like a Japanese Bobtail? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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