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When Valentine's Day Is For Loving Your Fur Baby

Contrary to popular opinion, the holiday season doesn't begin on Thanksgiving and finish on New Year's Day. In February, we enter the holiday season of love. We love cats. You love cats. Everybody loves cats. Now's the perfect time to shower your kitty with affection.

Pretty Litter - I Love Cats: Valentine's Day Is for Loving Your Fur Baby

In celebration of Valentine's Day and our love for kitties, there are several ways we can give our feline friends some extra love. Whether it's some extra cuddle time or a new toy, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some kitty behaviors that show your cat's love for you, along with a few ways that you can make him feel special this Valentine's Day.

Signs That Your Kitty Loves You

Just as you show love for your kitty, he also shows love for you. Here are three signs that your cat is crazy about you.

Your Cat Licks You

After your cat grooms himself, he may groom you, too. Cats enjoy grooming themselves to keep clean and happy.

When your kitty grooms you, he's saying that he wants you to be clean and happy, too — after all, you are his human. We love cats, and cats love us.

Your Cat's Eyes Light Up When He Sees You

When your feline friend opens his eyes wide or blinks slowly, he's trying to tell you something. Wide-eyed stares mean that your cat is excited to be around you, while slow blinking expresses your cat's love and trust.


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Your Cat Purrs Around You

Purring is a tell-tale sign that your kitty is happy. Did you know that listening to purring can positively impact humans, too?

Purring creates vibrations at a frequency of 20-140 HZ. These vibrations help to heal bone and muscle injuries.

So, next time your cat purrs at you, know that he's expressing joy while helping your muscles to heal. Cats are magical beings.

Ways to Make Your Kitty Feel Extra Loved

Wearing an "I Love Cats" tee shirt is fun, but there are certainly better ways to show love for your fur baby. Here are four things you can do to give your kitty extra love this Valentine's Day.

Pretty Litter - I Love Cats: Valentine's Day Is for Loving Your Fur Baby

Invest in Soft Kitty Litter

Depending on the brand, cat litter can be rough on paws. PrettyLitter is a soft litter solution that keeps feline friends comfortable while eliminating odor and dust, thereby reducing the risk of feline asthma.

PrettyLitter also changes color to keep a close eye on your fur baby's health, alerting you to any discomfort that he might be in.

Make Natural Cat Treats

Becoming your kitty's personal chef will help you to monitor exactly what he's eating. When you make natural cat treats, you get to select the perfect, healthy ingredients to ensure he's enjoying a nutritious feline diet.

But just because you love Fluffy with all your heart doesn't mean you should give him treats every chance you get. Keep the treats to one per day, max, and show kitty you love him inside and out.

Feed Your Cat the Finest Food

So much of your fur baby's health and wellbeing depends on a healthy diet. Your kitty's ideal foods and quantities depend on many factors, including his age, health, metabolic rate, exercise level, genes, and gender.

If you're a parent of multiple cats, you've likely noticed that some of your kitties eat more or less than others and enjoy different foods. Observe your furry friends and take note of their preferences.

Because cats are carnivores, feeding them high-protein food is essential. Before buying cat food, check out the ingredients and ensure that you're giving your kitty variety. For example, cats love fish – but they need to eat fish inmoderation, not daily.

When purchasing your kitty's food – whether wet or dry – be sure it has a healthy balance of nutrients and protein, while remaining low in carbs. If you have questions about what your cat needs, in particular, have a chat with your vet.

Schedule Cuddle Time With Your Kitty

Sometimes all we need is a good cuddle. Similarly, many cats need cuddle sessions, too. Making time to cuddle your kitty daily will ensure that he gets the warmth and comfort that he craves. Despite how aloof your kitty might be, he loves your attention.

Our kitties love us more than we'll ever know, so the least we can do this Valentine's day is give our feline friends some extra love and cuddles.

Are you doing something special for your fur baby on Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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