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How to Train Your Cat to Be Friendly

How incredibly embarrassing is it when you’re trying to show your cat some love, and they hit you with the side-eye and walk away? Let’s face it, we need our cats more than they need us, and sometimes their grumpiness or bad behavior just won’t do. 

You’ve seen it happen. Your cat is minding their own business, very cutely in the corner. Maybe they're staring out the window, or simply taking a cat nap. But why can’t they be all cute in your lap, while you’re watching Netflix? Or next to you while you’re reading a book? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if your cat could just connect with you a little more? Is there a help guide on how to train your cat or help change your cat's personality?  Well, they can! Whether you’re aware of it or not, your cat is picking up on your human tendencies, and youcan teach your cat to be more affectionate. While some of the most popular cat breeds may be more willing than others, if you want to train your feline friend to be less grumpy, and more friendly, follow these 7 simple steps.


It never fails. Simply carry around your cat’s favorite treat, and reward them whenever they approach you and decide to hang out for a bit. Positive reinforcement training to encourage desired behavior for your kitty is a great place to start. 

Give ‘em a Good Scratch! 

But make sure to do it the right way. Never just go for the belly unless your cat has explicitly said it’s okay by purring loud and proud. Even if you are going through your daily cat grooming routine, make sure to give them some love first. Go for the chin, in between the ears, and maybe even a nice head massage if they’re up for it. Also, make sure there is a cat tree or a scratching post so when you aren't around, your kitty won't be scratching your furniture. 

Be Chill, Dude

Remain calm and have soft energy. Be aware of your noise levels, and don’t stomp around the house. Once your cat senses that you’re chill, they too will chill. And then you can chill together and live happily ever after. If you ever wanted to know how to trim cat claws, being chill is a great place to start too! Studies have shown that cats are super sensitive to human emotions. They’re empaths! 

Don't Stare

We can also categorize this underbe chill, dude. This one can be tough if you have an especially cute kitten, (which you obviously do). But the payoff is worth it! If your cat isn’t feeling the pressure, they’ll feel more inclined to hang around. If you’re unfamiliar with the slow blink, try that. It's basically exactly what it sounds like. Blink slowly at your cat, to show that you’re AOK. If your cat slowly blinks at you, it’s their way of saying that they trust you and don’t see you as a threat. 

Play With Them

Give them a good toy, and entertain them! If you’ve adopted your cat it’s likely that you’re not 100% aware of their upbringing. Nurturing their inner kitty is a great way to bond, and show them that you’re up to keeping up with their energy levels. Plus, if they get really tuckered out, they will be more inclined to chill afterward. 

Keep Their Litter Clean

cat with litter

A more obvious one, but keeping your cat’s litter box clean shows that you love them. And they truly appreciate a clean litter box! 

Forehead bumps, AKA energy transfers. 

Ok so there scientifically isn’t any transferring of energy here, but it’s nice to imagine. When your kitten forehead bumps with you, it’s their way of saying “I love you, but also let’s exchange scents so that you smell more like me and vise versa. 

If you’re eager to make your feline friend a little more affectionate, follow these simple steps and your cat will be showing you pet parent love in no time. Remember to first and foremost be cool, calm, and collected, and the rest will fall into your lap! 





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