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Cool Cat of the Month: Sir Silverton Sassy Pants Brat Cat Extraordinaire

And we thought Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston (aka, Audrey Hepburn) had a long name... Meet Sir Silverton Sassy Pants Brat Cat Extraordinaire, this month's Cool Cat of the Month!

This five-year-old, Georgia-born cat is 15 pounds of pure muscle and fur – and he's strong-armed his way into our hearts. When it comes to cool cats, Sir Silverton (for short) has got it goin' on.

We sat down with Sir Silverton's mom, Deborah, to find out what it is about this feisty feline that earned him his robust moniker.

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A Precious New Addition

After losing her dear four-legged companion, Whiskey, Deborah thought she wouldn't love another feline for a long while. Yet, one day on her drive home, she saw someone toss something outside of an abandoned house.

It struck her as odd that someone was even in the home, and even odder that they seemed to plop something silver, small, and oddly shaped out on the front lawn.

After the visitor left the abandoned home, Deborah approached the yard to find a tiny, silver-headed kitten wobbling around on unsteady legs. The strikingly beautiful kitten pierced Deborah's heart and, kind woman she is, she took the kitten into her home and got him proper vet attention to get rid of some pesky fleas and parasites he had picked up in his meager environment.

"I didn't want a kitten at that time because I had just lost Whiskey suddenly," Deborah told us. "But now, I can't imagine my life without him."

A Name to Fit the Beast

Sir Silverton Sassy Pants Brat Cat Extraordinaire wasn't instantly granted his lengthy name when Deborah first adopted him. In fact, his name grew over time as Deborah, her family, and her vet got to know the intricate personality within the cat.

After several trips to the pet hospital for routine wellness checkups, Sir Silverton's veterinary doctor and nurses noticed he was unlike other cats. Rather than being carried into the clinic unwillingly and cowering from the unfamiliar environment and people like most cats do, Sir Silverton held his head high and showed off his sassy side.

PrettyLitter Cool Cats Sir Silverton

"One day, after the vet tech brought him out to me after his checkup, she said, 'He's a sassy pants!' said Deborah. She and the vet staff laughed at the fact that Sir Silverton wasn't afraid in the slightest to push back with some attitude. In fact, it was his signature trait. "And the name just stuck," said Deborah.

Deborah and her family added the next portion of Sir Silverton's name soon after realizing what a handful their new addition was shaping up to be. "He knocks over chairs – even heavy, wooden ones! – and completely destroys his toys," Sir Silverton's mom told us. "That's why he's a Brat Cat."

Sir Silverton also has high expectations of his humans. No matter what they're doing, he expects them to drop what they're doing to serve his needs, and he's not shy to be vocal about it!

The King of Cool Cats

It wasn't long before Sir Silverton earned the final link in his chained name: Extraordinaire. Of all the cool cats, Sir Silverton certainly earned this title.

"He's incredibly smart," said Deborah. "At the vet, he weighs himself. He can sit on command. He also knows how to sit up to get a treat and drops his grabby hands when we tell him 'no paws.' He loves to search for treats in his cat tower and seems to perform anti-gravity feats when he hangs off it upside-down."

Now five years old, Sir Silverton is believed to be a Nebelung cat. The breed is known for having stunning, silver fur, piercing green eyes, and a "dust mop tail," as Deborah describes it.

In their home, Sir Silverton rules the roost. "He's strong as an ox," says Deborah. While he won't tolerate being held, he will exert his brattitude and hop up on an open lap for petting when he's in the mood.

Sir Silverton also insists on being in the lead and rushes ahead of anyone on the stairs or walking down a hallway. This Sassy Pants Brat Cat Extraordinaire even has his own space-age cat carrier for comfortable travel, his own room, and a bedtime routine.

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As Healthy as Can Be

In addition to being the king of the cool cats and the leader in his home, Sir Silverton is also incredibly well taken care of when it comes to his health. His mom, Deborah, has a 24/7 veterinary clinic on speed dial and gets Sir Silverton regular wellness checks.

Though he's always been a healthy kitty – ever since Deborah helped him get rid of the nasty ramifications of being abandoned outside a vacant house – Deborah was concerned that if a health problem ever did arise, Sir Silverton would hide his symptoms.

"I saw PrettyLitter online and wanted to give it a try," she told us. Knowing Sir Silverton is the pickiest about his bathroom of all the cool cats – he demands a clean litter box every day and likes to "dig to China" before doing his business – Deborah wasn't sure PrettyLitter would fit the bill.

"He loves it!" Deborah says. "He's never had any color changes, thank goodness, but I'm glad to have PrettyLitter just in case. It gives me peace of mind and Sir Silverton likes it."

PrettyLitter Cool Cats Sir Silverton

Today, Deborah, her husband, and Sir Silverton live happily together in their sunny home in Georgia. "He's my life, my heart... he gives us so much joy," Deborah says.

Our furry feline friends may have bigger personalities than we ever thought possible – even to the point of earning a long, descriptive name like Sir Silverton Sassy Pants Brat Cat Extraordinaire – but they are worth every sassy look, every bratty paw swipe, and every knocked over house plant.

Have a sassy, bratty, extraordinary cat of your own? Tell us about your fur baby in the comments below or contact us to be the proud parent of our next Cool Cat of the Month.

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