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Check Out These Awesome Cat-Friendly Businesses


Nowadays, it’s commonplace for people to bring their dogs to work and to do yoga with goats.

But our favorite four-legged creature remains the cat.

Luckily, we’re not alone!

Want to hang out with cats in public? Us, too!

Here are the most cat-friendly businesses and road-trip-worthy destinations around the country.

Nine Lives Cat Café

nine lives cat cafe


Coffee + cat cuddles...what could be better? How about saving cats from shelters?

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. In fact, these cat cafés are popping up all over the country.

nine cats cafe - customer playing with cat


In Indianapolis, the Nine Lives Cat Café is a coffee shop that doubles as a cat rescue shelter. With so many shelters at or beyond capacity, cat lovers around the nation are marrying their love for cats and caffeine to bring customers a creative, awwww-inducing experience.

It’s more than just a spot to grab a hot cup of java in the company of some adorable felines, though. All of the cats at Nine Lives are adoptable. Patrons are welcome to come in, relax, read, knit, write, or do any other stress-reducing activities while getting to know some adorable cat companions in a safe, laid-back atmosphere.

In shelters, cats are often overwhelmed, scared, and even traumatized by all the chaos around them. But at Nine Lives and other cat cafés, cats are free to be themselves so you can go ahead and fall in love with your perfect feline match.

Kimpton Boutique Hotels

cat lounging in a hotel room

Thankfully, many hotel chains around the country are beginning to adopt a more friendly attitude toward pets in general. However, of all the pet-friendly hotels, Kimpton goes above and beyond.

For no extra charge, you can enjoy some purrfect cat company while enjoying a vacation in one of these luxurious hotels. Not only will you get impeccable treatment and amenities, but so will your feline companion.

As a company, Kimpton is so dedicated to cat comfort - and the comfort of all pets, for that matter - that they actually have a position called Kimpton Director of Pet Relations at each location.

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Stay at Kimpton and your cat will not only enjoy a pet-sized bed during your stay, but you’ll also get the inside scoop on all the best local pet stores and veterinary offices (just in case). Plus, rumor has it that Kimpton Hotels even provides cats with a goldfish in a bowl upon request - purely for entertainment purposes, of course.

Kimpton Boutique Hotels are in 35 cities with a total of 66 locations. Find the perfect destination for you and your cat.

Pet Airways


pet airways image


While you’re planning your trip to Indianapolis to visit the Nine Lives Cat Café and stay at a gorgeous Kimpton Boutique Hotel, you may be wondering how you’ll get there. We recommend Pet Airways.

Pet Airways isn’t just cat-friendly; it’s cat-centric.

cats in cargo


Whenever you’re traveling long distances with your feline friend, Pet Airways is the way to go. Not only does Pet Airways insist on transporting all pets in the main cabin - and never in the cargo hold below - but they also take every precaution to make sure scaredy cats and tomcats alike are comfortable.

Pet Airways specially designed their airplanes to safely and securely transport pets in the most comfortable way possible. They insist on only top tier care for their “Pawsengers,” which dramatically reduces the risk of stress-related illnesses for their four-legged travelers.

Heading out of town this summer? Add one of these hot spots to your travel itinerary and let us know when you get there!

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