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Cat Toys to Make Your Feline Purr

Ah, Cats! They add so much joy and silliness to our lives, and there's nothing more fun than watching them have fun with a great toy. But what makes a cat toys great? From our perspective, a cute design and bright colors add to its appeal, but what about our feline friends, what kinds of toys do they like and what do they get out of play time? 

While all cats are different with different personalities (can you say "grumpy cat"), there are some things that will stimulate most cats. Chasing things, for example, seems to be a common theme in many cat toys, and for good reason. It meets a primal need cats have to catch prey. We think it's fun to watch them crawl into small spaces, for them, it could be a security thing, it's where they feel safe.

Figuring out a toy and solving a puzzle is great mental stimulation for your feline friend and the wide range of physical activity is good for them as well. With these ideas in mind, let's look at some of the most high-quality popular kinds of cat toys you can get for your pet!

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Climbing Toys

If you've ever come home to find paw prints or claw marks on walls, cabinets, tables, ceiling fans or curtains, you know that cats like to climb. By providing them with a safe, high-quality, and fun toy designed to meet this need, you can help them satisfy their wide range of climbing instincts, and protect your belongings.

Look for "cat condos" that are often covered in carpet or natural rope materials that allow them to get a good grip (also acting as great scratchers), and of course, the higher the better. You can also find climbing systems you can install on your walls. They include a series of shelves and shapes that cats can jump and climb between. Just make sure when you install them that you can reach the top ones!

Dangling Toys

Cat Chasing Toy

There's nothing funnier than watching your feline jump to grab a dangling feather in front of them, especially when you snatch it away at the last second! A brightly colored bundle of feathers that looks like a bird, or a stuffed mouse on a stick...well, we all know about their love of mice, is a great attraction. Another benefit of a dangling toy is watching them plan and mentally prepare for their prey's next move and trying to outsmart it. It is very interactive for their brain and you get to see their evil genius mind at work!

Shelter Toys

Cats love enclosed spaces, whether that means under a bed, in a closet or curled up under your covers, these places make them feel safe. Getting into these spots is half the fun for them, and watching them is the other half! When shopping for shelter toys, look for tunnels they can crawl through and things they can burrow into. Don't forget, cats are like kids, they often prefer the box a toy comes in to the toy itself. 

Chasing Toys

Kitten With Toy In It's Mouth

Contrary to popular belief, lasers were invented just for us to tease cats with (sorry physics). These little teasers can keep your pet, and you, entertained for hours. They even have chasers that are freestanding and create random patterns on the floor. Chasing robotic mice (or little balls) can be just as fun and help keep your cat in tip-top shape.

No matter what type of cat toys your furry friend prefers, keeping them engaged across a range of activities is good for them. It helps keep their minds and bodies active, which is good for their health...and the laughter is good for yours!


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