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Careers for Cat Lovers

Wish you could cuddle with cats all day long?

Psh... who doesn’t?

If you’re wondering which direction to take in your professional life (and secretly hoping it leads you straight to a pile of cats), there are several ways you can turn your love of cats into a career.

So gear up the brainstorming machine and hunker down with a bright, shining image of yourself 10 years into the future. Then see if any of these possible cat-themed careers fit your dream.

Hands On

Person Holding Cat

Furry fur, gorgeous eyes, adorable paw pads, and luscious long tails. If you love petting and playing with cats, these may be the career options you’ll fawn over.

Cat Cuddler

Yup – your dream has come true. Animal shelters and adoption centers hire people to socialize with cats and even cuddle with them to help prepare the cuties for adoption. This one feels like a win-win-win situation.

Cat Groomer

It takes a gentle touch and lots of patience, but a good cat groomer can do some serious good in this world. Kitties are notorious for hating bath time and many cat parents don’t know how or where to start. Show them how it’s done.

Cat Therapist

It’s a thing. Really. Ever seeMy Cat From Hell on Animal Planet? You don’t have to get a major network to film you at work (or you could!), but being a cat therapist is legit work that many frustrated cat parents need.

From helping cat parents find the root causes of their cats’ bad behavior to easingfeline anxiety therapists save feline lives from the inside out.

Vet Receptionist

Love being around cats and helping cat parents feel heard? Be a veterinary receptionist! You’ll get to watch cats grow from kittenhood to old age and help them live full, happy lives without having to go through the rigor of pet med school.

Vet Tech

Vet techs are like the superhero sidekicks that everyone secretly likes more than the main guy. As a vet tech, you’ll get to help the veterinarian treat and care for cats without having to be the one to do the truly challenging (and sometimes heartbreaking) procedures.


The cream of the crop and the most widely respected experts in the cat health world, veterinarians are in high demand. Specialize in feline health specifically or open your doors to all the four-legged things. Once you get that degree, it’s your call!

Conceptual Cat Careers

Person taking photo of cat

Love cats but not keen on taking care of dozens each day? That’s cool. We feel you. There are still ways you can satisfy your cat-crazed side without getting covered in cat hair.

Pet Health Writer

Have a knack for words? You could always become a writer for cat-health blogs, magazines, and companies. If you’re super brave, you could even write books about cats! Every kid loves a good cat bedtime story.

Feline Ecommerce

Want an exciting, fast-paced career in an ever-changing digital world? Open up a feline ecommerce store! You could be the next Doc & Phoebe or even the next PrettyLitter.

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Cat Crafter

Etsy has made it possible for people with any sort of passion to make a living and express their creativity at the same time. Whether you want to sew cat clothes, make cat-themed holiday gifts, paint cat portraits, or grow and sell catnip, Etsy is the place to make your creative dreams come true.

Catio Builder

Every cat-parent secretly wants a catio purely for the sake of all the Instagram-worthy photos that are destined to result.Brush up on your catio craftsmanship and start your own cat carpentry business making catios for local cat fanatics.

Cat Photographer

Cater to the true cat crazies by being a dedicated cat photographer. Help cat-lovers turn their precious pets’ faces into Christmas cards, computer screen savers, welcome mats, fridge magnets and more.

Part-time Jobs and Gigs

Cat Cafe

Sometimes we just want a side hustle or part-time gig to supplement our cat-less career. Here are a few side- and odd-jobs that can get you close to kitties without a huge career commitment.

Cat Cafe Barista

Love coffee almost as much as cats? Join the booming cat cafe industry and make cats and people happy while you whip up delicious caffeine concoctions. There are tons of cat-friendly businesses out there – you just have toknow where to look.

Cat Sitter

Cats tend to get stressed if they have togo to a pet hotel for more than a day or two. They’re far happier staying at home. But Mom and Dad don’t want Felix running around their house unsupervised for a week straight.

That’s where you come in: The Kitty Sitter to the rescue!

Toss in watering the plants, fetching the mail, and throwing out the milk when it goes bad, and you’ll be irresistible to traveling pet parents.

Cat Hospice or Foster Parent

Unfortunately, many cats who are in adoption centers, pounds, rescue shelters, or vet clinics may not have as much hope of finding permanent homes as kittens. Older cats or cats with chronic medical problems are often abandoned at vet offices and shelters with nowhere to go.

If you’re looking for a job that’s deeply rewarding and want a chance to make a wonderful cat’s last few months or years comfortable, consider being a cat hospice provider or foster parent.

Cat Celebrity Handler

Grumpy Cat did it. Why can’t you?

If you have a knack for social media and you dream of taking awww-inducing pictures of your cat all day long, get creative and get on Instagram! Grow your following on YouTube and Facebook, develop a series of fun, engaging cat content, and dive into the world of sponsorships and YouTube monetization.

Rather than simply working topay for your cats, why notget paid to be a crazy cool cat mom (or dad)? What’s your dream cat career?






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