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Best Cat Toys for Futuristic Felines & Fun-Loving Pet Parents

In 2016, the world was thrilled to meet Furbo, a camera that lets dog owners watch and interact with their pups while they're away from home. Now, as we step into 2020, it's not just the dogs who get to have all the fun! Our feline friends get to enjoy some of the best cat toys designed for the future.

We humans use smartphones, smart clocks, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart blinds, and all sorts of other "smart" devices every day. Why not let your feline friend in on all the "smart" gadgets, too?

From a smart robot companion to a microchip cat feeder, cat parents are welcoming a whole new world of smart cat gadgets into their homes.

Four of the Best Cat Toys for Futuristic Felines

We're just scratching the surface here, but here are four of the best cat toys for the "smart"-loving pet owner.

Ebo, The Smart Robot Companion

Who would've guessed an entertaining robot for cats would exist in 2019? The Ebo robot companion was designed to prevent the loneliness and boredom our kitties tend to experience when they're home alone all day.

Ebo is a small, sleek expressive bot with a built-in camera and Bluetooth facial recognition sensors. When you're away from home, Ebo allows you to watch and interact with your fur baby back home.

Equipped with a feather, laser pointer, and cat-safe materials, Ebo can find and recognize your cat's face, then engage her in play to keep her happy and stimulated to minimize feline anxiety.

When Ebo's battery is low after a long day of playing with your fur baby, it automatically rolls onto its charging station. Ebo isn't just one of the best cat toys in the market right now — it's a lifelong companion that can help you stay connected to your sweet fur baby even when you're away.

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Doc & Phoebe's Hunting Cat Feeder

Doc & Phoebe's Cat Co. takes an instinctual approach to feeding our feline friends. Rather than creating another rendition of the slow feeder bowl or cat fountain, Doc & Phoebe's design ignites the natural-born hunter in your kitty.

The Hunting Feeder is a toy-shaped feeder you can hide in your home for your kitty to find. Not only does Doc & Phoebe's Hunting Feeder encourage exercise and stimulate your kitty's brain, but it also turns meal-time into a good ol' fashioned game of hide and seek that your cat will love!

According to Doc & Phoebe's Cat Co., cats who hunt and play daily are less likely to act out in bad behavior. In fact, they claim that the Hunting Feeder can help reduce or eliminate problems like:

  • Destroying furniture
  • Peeing outside the litter box
  • Moping and boredom
  • Scarfing and barfing food
  • Weight gain
  • "Hunting you" (which could include everything from 4 AM meow-fests to attacking your hand as you reach for a q-tip)

Embrace your kitty's wild side and give her the gift of the hunt – and give yourself the gift of a well-behaved kitty.

SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder

The best cat toys are ones that give you peace of mind while helping your feline friend. If you have multiple kitties (or other four-legged friends) who each require different diets, we've got you covered.

The SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder is an automated cat feeder that opens up only when a pet with a specific registered microchip or RFID collar tag comes to the bowl.

PrettyLitter Best Cat Toys for Futuristic Felines & Fun-Loving Pet Parents
Image courtesy of The Purrington Post

The SureFeed cat feeder simplifies a number of common pet parenting challenges, including:

  • Ensuring accurate portions to prevent over- or under-eating
  • Making sure prescription diets are available to just the right cat in your home
  • Monitor eating habits to pick up on signs of illness
  • Keeping wet food fresher, longer thanks to sealed bowls
  • Preventing dominant cats or non-discriminating doggies from stealing food from your other kitties

The Sure PetCare company has also developed a gated kitty door using the same technology so only pets with an approved microchip or RFID collar tag can come into or leave your home.

PetChatz HDX Camera

The PetChatz HDX Camera allows you to finally be able to FaceTime with your best furry friend. Not only can you call your kitty when you're away from home, but now she can call you, too!

The PetChatz HDX Camera comes with an electronic PawCall mobile device. When your kitty taps the paw print on it, you'll receive a text inviting you to hop on a call with your kitty and catch up on the latest gossip.

As an added bonus, the PetChatz HDX Camera allows you to give your fur baby treats even from miles away.

Sure, your cat may be content with a simple feather on a string or an empty cardboard box, but these futuristic cat toys do more than simply entertain. They bring you and your furry friends together despite long distances, they help you monitor your fur baby's health, and they can help ease anxiety and reduce bad behaviors.

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Do you have another recommendation for our list of the best cat toys of the future? Tell us all about them in the comments below!


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