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Cat Facts for Kids for a Purrfect First Day Back of School

For many, the first day of school can be exciting; for others it can be nerve-wracking – if only your kiddos could take their best feline friend to school with them. Since you can't pack your fur baby in your kid's backpack, send your little human back to school with this printer-friendly list of cat facts for kids.

PrettyLitter Cat Facts for Kids for a Purrfect First Day Back of School

When it comes time for class introductions and your youngster needs a fun fact to share with their classmates, they'll know just what to say.

9 Entertaining Cat Facts For Kids

Get ready to hear about the cool facts about cats all school year long. Your kids will love committing these to memory and sharing them anywhere they can.

Cat Fact #1: Waffle the Cat Set the World Record for the Longest Jump

In 2018, Waffle ‘The Warrior Cat’ leaped into fame with a record-breaking 7-foot jump. This 10-year-old California kitty is totally paw-some!

Cat Fact #2: Abraham Lincoln Had the First White House Cats

The 16th President of the United States kept his fur babies close by his side at the White House. He had two cats named Dixie and Tabby who helped relieve some of his stress during his presidency.

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Cat Fact #3: There Was Almost a Garfield Theme Park

Garfield the cat was a household comic strip that began circulating in the late 1970s. The orange tabby – who became a newspaper sensation – was so popular that he even got his own plush toys, cartoon shows, and movies. During the height of his popularity, Garfield even almost got his own theme park.

Unfortunately, the theme park was never created. However, he did get his own section at Idaho's Silverwood Theme Park.

You can spend your next school vacation at Garfield's Summer Camp and ride kiddie roller-coasters, climb into a treehouse, and enjoy some family fun under the sun.

Cat Fact #4: Cats Sleep for 70% of the Day

When someone wants to catch a few z’s and take a quick snooze, it can be referred to as a "cat nap." You may catch your kitty dozing off throughout the day, but you may not realize that cats actually sleep an average of 15 hours a day!

Being an adorable feline is a tough job.

Cat Fact #5: Cats Can Be Worth a Fur-tune

You may look at your cat sometimes and think, "you are the most beautiful cat in the world." And you may be right! Some cat parents even create social media accounts for their wannabe feline stars.

PrettyLitter Cat Facts for Kids for a Purrfect First Day Back of School

The cat parents who use social media to post all of their cats' adorable moments can even get so popular that they can get paid for posting a selfie! Grumpy Cat, anyone?

Cat Fact #6: Cats Are Faster Than Dogs

Cat and dog friendships might get even more competitive. It turns out... felines have the upper hand in foot races as the average cat can easily outrun the average dog. Sorry, Fido.

Cat Fact #7: Cats Are Hiss-torically Royal

The people of ancient Egypt believed that cats brought good luck into their lives and so cats were treated like royalty. The Egyptian people would even pamper their cats with tasty treats and dress them in fancy jewels.

And you thought your kitty was spoiled...

Cat Fact #8: Cats Use Their Tongues as a Hair Comb

If you've ever gotten a kitty kiss, you may have felt a rough, textured tongue. Some people compare a cat's tongue to the texture of sandpaper.

That sandpaper feeling is actually tiny hooks on a cat's tongue called the papillae. Cats use their papillae to keep their hair silky-smooth and tangle free (which is important for all those Instagram shots, right?).

Cat Fact #9: Cats Have Supersonic Hearing

A cat's hearing ability is higher than our puppy-pals and even higher than humans. Cats can pick up sound vibrations at 100,000 hertz, while humans only hear 20,000 hertz. It's safe to say that even when your cat ignores you, she hears everything.

If you shared these cat facts for kids with your little one, let us know in the comments below. Which fact was most interesting to them?

Have a great school year!

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