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All About Colorpoint Shorthair Cats

If you've ever wondered about this unique looking kitty, here is all about Colorpoint Shorthair cats. This is a friendly, affectionate breed with very distinctive features that make them easy to pick out of a lineup - not that they want to do anything bad. In fact, these cats love playing with toys or curled up in your lap to talk about their day.

The History of the Colorpoint Shorthair Cat

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, this is a man-made breed.
In the 1940s-1950s, a few adventurous breeders decided that the     beautiful Siamese would look nice in red. A seal point Siamese was bred to a red tabby American Shorthair, and a breed was born! CFA advanced the Colorpoints to championship status in 1964 with the red and cream points, and advanced the lynx and tortie points in 1969.

In today's world, the Colorpoint has a head type just like the Siamese and includes 16 amazing colors.

Features and Characteristics

colorpoint shorthair cat

One of the most distinctive features of the Colorpoint Shorthair is its unique face. They have a wedge-shaped face with huge ears that flare out like sound-seeking beacons.

Their eyes are a striking blue color and almond shaped. While the eyes slant towards the nose, it is in perfect synchronicity with the shape of their face - making them look regal and fit for royalty. 

Their bodies are sturdy and long with an elegant presence that will fit in at any cocktail party or fundraising gala, but seriously, this is one beautiful and graceful cat.

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The Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Personality

One of the areas that the Colorpoint Shorthair Cat excels is its personality. This is a cat that is very vocal and loves to talk about everything from their favorite play toy to what they had for dinner. 

Along with being vocal, the Colorpoint Shorthair is also extremely loyal, which means he'll never talk behind your back. In fact, this is a cat that loves to cuddle and be near you whenever possible. This is not the cat for you if you want peace and quiet because much like the Siamese, they can be loud, but for those of you who love a chatty catty, this is a perfect addition to your home.

These cats are very intelligent so keep them entertained with plenty of toys and things to keep them athletic and mind-busy. 

Health Concerns

colorpoint cat

Since the Colorpoint Shorthair is identical to the Siamese, the health concerns are the same. However, these are the usual health concerns that you find with any mixed breed or full bred cat.

Keep an eye out for things like crossed eyes, lymphoma, amyloidosis, asthma, heart defects, and renal issues. However, these are examples of what to look for with any cat - not just this particular breed. 

This is a cat that usually lives 12 to 17 years, so,with attention to their care, you'll have a friend for many years. 

An Excellent Family Member

Since the Colorpoint Shorthair is easy to groom, good around children, pet-friendly, and loves to play - this is a cat perfect for most homes. 

Have you ever had a Colorpoint Shorthair Cat? If you answered "yes!", tell us in the comments what your thoughts are. 


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