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7 New Year Goals Your Cat Hopes You Adopt in 2020

Every year, millions of people make New Year goals – like drinking more water, getting to a healthy weight, going to the gym more often, or becoming a "morning person." The most popular of these resolutions correlate directly with overall happiness, health, and wellness for us humans.

But have you ever considered adopting New Year goals that will positively impact you and your kitty? Just because cats don't throw parties or countdown the seconds to the New Year doesn't mean we can't include them in the fun, right?

Here are seven New Year's resolutions you can implement in 2020 to keep your furry friend happy and healthy, too.

New Year Goals for You & Your Kitty

When you cohabitate with a feline friend, it's in both of your best interests to set New Year goals that you can tackle together. Not only are these goals designed with your fur baby in mind, but also they'll help you enjoy a healthier, happier 2020 while bonding with your four-legged friend.

1. Stress Less, Cat Nap More

Have you ever gone to sleep alone and woken up with your kitty tucked in by your side? You're not alone.

In fact, cats greatly enjoy resting with their owners. Cats like to snuggle up and nap in places where they feel comfortable and safe. If your kitty likes to sleep with you, he's demonstrating his trust in you – which is cause for celebration! That's not an easy thing to earn from our feline friends and it shows you've given your furry friend a safe home.

So take advantage of the bond you've built and enjoy naps with your kitty more often. Not only will napping with your fur baby help keep his stress low, but also it can reduce your stress levels, too.

2. Groom Your Kitty Regularly

Cats are obsessive about keeping themselves clean – as you can likely tell by the 47 baths they give themselves each day. However, it doesn't always have to be a solo activity.

Taking the time to groom your cat regularly by brushing her fur and teeth (if he'll let you) will keep her feeling fresh, will keep her coat and skin healthy, and will give you plenty of bonding time. (Not to mention, she will look fabulous!)

Brushing through your cat's fur can be soothing. Some cats even purr while being brushed, indicating you're doing a good job, cat mom (or dad)!

3. Provide a Stimulating Environment

Cat trees, scratching posts, toys, and other fun bits can help your cat get the daily exercise she needs to stay active and healthy. The more stimulating your home is, the happier and healthier your kitty will be.

For some fun, whimsical new year goals, why not add "Play with Fluffy at least once per day" to your list? Your cat and your vet will thank you. Plus, there will be a never-ending supply if Insta-worthy pics to post!

7 New Year Goals Your Cat Hopes You Adopt in 2020

4. Take Your Kitty for a Check-Up

Although visiting the vet is likely not on your fur baby's "Fun Things To Do" list, it's an important one to add to your New Year goals list. Taking your kitty in for a check-up will help you keep tabs on his health and catch any developing conditions as early as possible – especially if your furry friend is over the age of 8 years.

Making a visit to the vet an annual goal for kitties under 10 and a twice-a-year goal for older kitties will also give you peace of mind knowing exactly how your cat is doing.

5. Keep Your Kitty Litter Pretty

Cats are picky creatures. When their litter box is not up-to-par with their standards of cleanliness, they will gladly do their business on the clean carpet – or anywhere else they please.

Cats thrive most in clean, stable environments, so cleaning your kitty's litter box on a daily basis is a must.

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If you need help, there are ways to make the process a whole lot easier. PrettyLitter is a lightweight, odor-eliminating, health-indicating litter that is a breeze to clean. Simply scoop out the poops, stir the litter, and you're done!

Make sure this chore doesn't get overlooked this year and your kitty and your carpets will thank you.

6. Quality Food for Better Health

If you want your cat to enjoy a long, healthy life (like we all do!), the quality of his food is super important. Cats require a diet that's high in protein and low in carbs, so finding a perfectly balanced cat food that your vet approves should be a top New Year goal.

Also, remember to check your expiration date. If you by Fluffy's food in bulk, it can be easy to overlook the expiration date. But expired cat food is unsafe for cats to eat and can contain all sorts of harmful bacteria we wouldn't want our feline friends to ingest.

7. Cuddle Every Chance You Get

At the end of the day, you are your cat's person just as much as he is your cat. His life is just a fraction of your own, which makes each moment precious. Despite how much your cat sleeps or seems aloof, his greatest desire is to feel loved and safe.

Which of these New Year goals are you going to adopt in 2020? Have others in mind? Tell us about your New Year's resolutions in the comments below or post on Instagram and tag us @PrettyLitter.


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