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6 Fun Reasons to Own a Pixie-Bob Cat

According to the International Cat Association (TICA), there are at least 71 breeds of cats to choose from. Even with so many different breeds, the Pixie-Bob cat is an amazing animal that stands out. There are several great reasons to own a Pixie-Bob cat.

1. Pixie-Bob Cats have a Very Unique Look

Pixie-Bob cats generally have a muscular build, with jagged black stripes and a rich tawny color. They tend to be medium to large in size. Female cats can weigh up to 12 pounds while the males can sometimes weigh as much as 25 pounds.
Beyond their beautiful appearance and large size, these cats have many unique features. Their tails are much shorter than the average cat. Pixie-Bobs are also polydactyl. This means they sometimes have more toes than other breeds.

2. Pixie-Bob Cats are Highly Intelligent

pixie-bob cat on white background
Family Pet states that this breed is incredibly intelligent and has a very interesting way of communicating. They often chatter and chirp rather than meow. Their affectionate personalities and natural intelligence makes them easy to train.
They can learn several commands as well as learning their name. They can even be taught to walk on a leash like a dog. With a cat as smart as the Pixie-Bob, you're bound to have lots of fun!

3. Pixie-Bob Cats are Extremely Affectionate

Cats have a reputation for being aloof, but the Pixie-Bob cat can be very affectionate. Even though they can be large and have a "wild" look, they tend to be very laid-back. These cats love to be around people and enjoy receiving lots of attention.
If you're looking for a cat to snuggle up with and form a close bond, the Pixie-Bob cat may be for you. Along with being affectionate, the Pixie-Bob cat is usually very playful and displays high levels of energy.

4. Pixie-Bob Cats are Generally Very Healthy

pixie-bob kittens
When you choose this particular breed you're likely to have a pet that will enjoy many years of good health, sometimes living into their late teens. These cats have a thick coat and should have their coats brushed once a week to keep them shiny and to remove dead hair. They can have either long or short hair. The long hair tends to be silkier while the short-haired Pixie Bobs usually have thicker coats.
According to the Happy Cat Site, there are a few health concerns to watch for. The genetic mutation that normally causes the Pixie-Bob cat to have a very short tail can also potentially lead to changes in the back legs and nerves. Sometimes elimination problems and reduced hind leg control can result.

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5. Pixie-Bob Cats Have an Interesting History

The Pixie-Bob cat has the look of a wild bobcat and many people may think they're probably related. According to, it was believed that the breed started when a litter was discovered from what was suspected to be the mating of a barn cat and a wild American bobcat.
This is a legend, however, without any real scientific proof to back up the claim. The Pixie-Bob cat is considered a domestic cat, and there aren't any legal restrictions regarding ownership.

6. Pixie-Bob Cats are Good with Children

pixie-bob cat laying down
This particular breed is a great choice if you have a family. Pixie-Bob cats are devoted and loyal to their owners, making them the perfect pet for children. They tend to easily bond with their families.
They can get along well with other pets and have been known to even act as a "watchdog" over the family. Their affectionate nature and ability to adapt to different situations makes them good childhood companions.
There are lots of great breeds to choose from, but the Pixie-Bob cat offers a fun mix of interesting attributes that set them apart from many other types of cats. Leave your comments below and tell us what you think of the Pixie-Bob cat!



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