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4 Things to Know About the Ocicat Cat

Are you looking for what cat litter will best suit your Ocicat breed? If you are reading this article you may already have a peaked interest in the Ocicat cat, or you may own one of these beautiful cats as a pet and want to learn more about them and their needs. Either way, this breed has its own characteristics and history that makes them so unique. From their history to their special considerations such as temperament and health; learn exactly what makes the Ocicat cat so special by reading on to learn more about this family-friendly furry companion.

Ocicat History

The Ocicat cat breed came about accidentally in 1964 when a breeder attempted to create the Abypoint Siamese. The result is a breed that is a cross between a Siamese, Abyssinian, and an American shorthair. The name Ocicat was given due to this specific breed resemblance to the ocelot. A geneticist by the name of Dr. Clyde Keeler found interest in the Ocicat breed, as this resemblance to the ocelot meant that a domestic cat could have features that normally were only found in the wild. Twenty years later this breed would see its full potential, becoming a show champion in 1987.

Physical Characteristics

grey and black ocicat

With four different patterns and twelve different color varieties, the Ocicat can be found in an amazing array of combinations. The four different patterns that are found include tabby, solid, pointed, and ticked. Color variances include different shades of brown, lilac, blue, and fawn. One look at this breed is all it takes to admire its wild beauty!

Ocicat Temperament

Known as a family friendly breed, the Ocicat cat tends to get along well with children and other household pets. This breed is highly active and talkative, which translates to a cat that loves attention and play time! In fact, this breed has been known to learn how to play fetch and to enjoy rides around on your shoulder.

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Don’t be surprised if you find your Ocicat opening doors and cupboards, as these cats will find ways to entertain themselves if given the opportunity. It is recommended to put away any items you do not want your Ocicat getting into, as they love to play and explore. If you are looking for more of a lap cat, or if you may not have the time to give this breed the attention it needs, you may want to consider other breeds. This is a high energy cat that needs an owner or family that will keep it engaged.

Special Considerations


As with any cat breed, there are special considerations to take in account that are specific to that breed. It is recommended that Ocicats be indoor only pets, as this will help to prevent disease and dangers of cars and other animals. Their coat needs routine maintenance to keep its health and shine. You should brush your Ocicat’s coat weekly and stay on top of nail trimming and teeth brushing. For indoor cats, brand and quality of cat litter is an added important consideration. PrettyLitter is designed with a variety of cat breeds and their health in mind. PrettyLitter absorbs and eliminates cat litter moisture so that you don’t have to worry about daily cat litter box maintenance and you can ensure your pet’s overall health.

While the Ocicat is known to be a generally healthy breed, they can be genetically predisposed to some health issues including periodontal and heart disease. Be sure to take your Ocicat to the vet regularly to ensure the health of your pet. Your vet can also help you better understand the unique needs of this cat breed.

By now you should have a better understanding of not only what makes the Ocicat unique, but also a little more about its needs and if this breed may be the best fit for you and your family. The Ocicat breed can make a wonderful pet that is both loving and playful. If you have experience with this breed comment below to share your experiences.


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